Speed up FireFox

This was a tip I came across online. If you’re using FireFox and have a broadband connection, this should speed up your requests and shorten your page load times. I’ve done it and it seems to load much faster.

Basically it sets it to send 30 requests at once to the server and sets it to act immediately on the information it receives. Here’s the 8 steps to a faster experience. Remember, only do this if you have a broadband connection [ie. Cable, DSL, T1… 😉 ]

  1. Type “about:config” into the address bar and hit return.
  2. In the filter box type “network.http.p”.
  3. Double-click “network.http.pipelining” to set it to true.
  4. Double-click “network.http.proxy.pipelining” to set it to true.
  5. Double-click “network.http.pipelining.maxrequests” and change its value to 30.
  6. In the white area right click and click on New > Integer.
  7. Name it “nglayout.initialpaint.delay” and set its value to 0.
  8. Exit and re-open FireFox.
  9. You should now load pages much faster than before.


My parents are about to head off to settlement for our house this morning. They then have to go to settlement for our new house around 1PM. Once we get the keys for the new house we get to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening unloading stuff up at the new house. Tomorrow we’re getting a truck and have to move the rest of the stuff.

I’ll be trying to write on and off throughout the next few days if I get the chance. I’ll be away to Virginia with Kim for New Years (Fri-Sun). I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to going back to work Monday morning. Wish us luck and if you’re in the area, feel free to give me a call and come help out.

D-Link DI-624 + WPA = no connectivity

I was planning ahead and figured that I better get my security issues worked out with my wireless before we move into the our new house this week. We’re going from a single on a few acres in the middle of nowhere to a townhouse in a neighborhood.

I started by setting up a WPA Pre Shared Key on my DI-624 and setting up our 2 desktops and my iBook with the new key. All 3 connected without issues. I rebooted just to make sure everything was ok. So much for ok, my dad’s computer hung for about 2 minutes while it tried to establish a network connection. I thought maybe it was just an issue with his since his computer seemed to have issues before. I walked upstairs and rebooted my machine, same problem, waited about 2 minutes for it to establish a connection.

After some research, apparently alot of people are having issues with this. I tried what most other people reverted back to (WEP 128bit-ASCII). I reconfigured with WEP, rebooted and I had a connection seconds after I logged on. I would rather use WPA if I were able to, but I guess I’m going to have to settle for WEP and not broadcast my SSID. I also changed the admin password for my router to something very secure. Something is better than nothing.

Merry Christmas

I’m writing this a day late, but I hope it found everyone well for Christmas. I spent Christmas eve at Kim’s and went to a 10PM Christmas eve service. We got home late and went straight to bed. I woke up around 9AM Christmas day and Kim and I got dressed and walked the dogs so that they’d be more relaxed as we opened gifts. I made out very good this year, better than expected, much better.

After we finished opening presents we had a nice breakfast and took showers before we left to visit my parents. We got to my house around 1PM and were supprised to find that my parents actually waited for us before opening any presents. As expected, I got my PS2, a very nice addition to my bedroom.

We snacked for a while and tried out the PS2 while my mom finished cooking dinner. After dinner we headed back to Kim’s house where we spent the night playing a few games with her family. It was a very enjoyable Christmas and a nice day off work. I’ve also compiled a short list of the things I received for Christmas so you can comment on them.

What I got for Christmas:

  • PS2
  • Gran Turismo 3 for PS2
  • Atari Anthology for PS2
  • 007 Nightfire for PS2
  • Merino wool sweater from Gap
  • U2 Show – A U2 tour history
  • Polar fleece throw
  • The Cure – Greatest Hits

Thats a wrap

I think I finally finished everything I needed to do before Christmas today. I think I got something for everybody and I just finished wrapping it. Talk about waiting til the last minute. I did benifit however, I learned that if you shop for wrapping paper and other such Christmas items at the last minute, they’re often heavilly discounted. I went out last night and bought 6 rolls of wrapping paper for $3 before tax. 75% off the 3/$5.99 it was if I had bought it before the 21st.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to everybody! Maybe I’ll post tomorrow and tell you everything Santa brought me!

More Bittorrent sites bite the dust

In more filings this week, the MPAA has attacked even more Bittorrent tracker sites in an attempt to take them down. Demonoid.com was the latest in the list. The letters claim “severe sanctions” if they delete any evidence. We’ll see how far that gets them.

If you’re still looking for torrents you can check out The Pirate Bay.

Here’s another tip for you to still find torrent files if your tracker is down:

  1. Go to Google
  2. Type this in to the search box: [what you’re searching for] filetype:torrent

This will return any .torrent files containing the words you typed in place of [what you’re searching for] (no brackets).

Good luck and happy searching!

A Christmas gift to you — Gmail invites

I was informed this morning that Gmail had issued invites again, just in time for Christmas. If you would like a Gmail account, leave me a comment and I’ll send an invite your way. Remember, this is for an email account with 1GB of storage and 10MB attachment sizes… much larger than Hotmail Yahoo, etc.

Invites to give: 15
Invites given: 5

Merry Christmas!