WP Contact Form update

I did some work on WP-ContactForm this weekend. I rewrote it completely as a plugin file and even included an admin interface to change some of the options. I have to work out some form checking and hilight missing fields and it’ll be good to go. Look for a release by the middle of this week.

Nice Title Support

I was playing around today and decided to add Nice Title support here. Now when you hover over a link with a title attribute you get a nice title box with the title of the link and URL. For all my faithful Firefox users, you’ll notice the nice rounded corners automatically generated. If you use IE and want to see the rounded corners instead of the rectangular ones, Get Firefox and see for yourself.

Unfortunately, the border-radius property is CSS3 which is still in the works. Mozilla based browsers like Firefox have built in support for some of the CSS3 properties which is why you can see them in Firefox. The validator at W3.org only does CSS2 so my site won’t validate anymore until it starts validating CSS3. 🙁

WPContactForm and SVN

I finally got the motivation to ask Matt to set me up with an account over at the WP Plugin Repository. After dealing with files scattered on 2 computers, my server, and my usb memory drive, I got tired of figuring out which is which. I’m currently installing svn on my iBook and have TortiseSVN to load onto my Windows machine.

On another note, my latest, and highly awaited, plugin is getting closer to release. I’ve gone through a few testers and am still working out a few features/bugs. If I get it working this week, I am planning on integrating it into a drop-in plugin for WP 1.5. After discussion with Firas and a few others in #wordpress, I’ve come up with this short description / feature set:

  • Drop in functionality – upload to plugins directory and activate
  • Easy to change options – recipient, subject, thank you message, and error message
  • Location detection – put it on any page on your site
  • Quicktag support – click on the contact form quicktag and the form is inserted right where you want it
  • Error notification – User is notified if he forgot to fill something out
  • Email contains name, email, blog URI, message, and IP address of sender
  • Improved Spam Handling– now rejects bot generated spam messages

More beef with SP2

The computer I was using at school the other day was set to run updates automatically every night and install them. It did like it should, then a nice looking popup showed up on my screen.

Restart Dialogue

Whats that about? I clicked later because I was in the middle of something and wasn’t ready to restart. I quickly realized the negative potential of this situation. Imagine somebody working on an important document. They walk off for a minute and right after they do, XP decides the updates are done and it needs a restart. What about what that guy was working on? If he doesn’t come back in the 5 minutes it gives you, his computer is going to restart automatically.

I understand Microsoft wants to make sure your computer restarts and the update is installed correctly, but somebody did not quite think this through completely. Someoby out in Redmond needs to take a look at this again and come up with a better solution.

One other note, if you hit “Restart Later”, the dialogue box comes back about 10 minutes later and tries again. What a pain.

Snowed in

We finally got our first significant snow storm this year. It started snowing here around 9:30 this morning and has been going ever since. We’ve gotten about 8″ of snow so far and they’re saying 10″-16″ total. It has started to taper off a bit, but they’re saying we may get more overnight as another low develops off the coast. Lucky for me, I’m not planning on going anywhere til class on Monday.

Pressbot, yeah, I love you too…

I was trying to use Pressbot (our bot in the #wordpress channel on irc.freenode.net) to check the latest post on my blog via Technorati. Here is a transcript of our conversation:

[ryanduff] ?last ryanduff.net

[pressbot] I cannot get info about ryanduff.net’s from Technorati. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill and think things over.

Talk about overkill for a canned response. Me and pressbot are not on good terms right now.

Ciphire Mail

Following up on my post Encrypted email for dummies:

I found some time to install Ciphire Mail on both my PC and my iBook tonight. After I removed McAfee Virus Scan 8.0 due to compatibility issues, I installed Ciphire Mail on my PC. It needed a reboot so I followed the instructions and clicked ok. When I logged back on it asked me if I wanted to configure it. I went through the utility rather quickly. I put in my email address and put in a passphrase. It sent a message to the key server, created a key for me and sent me a message. It got the first message in Outlook, then sent another. I refreshed Outlook to get the second email and it finished configuring real quick.

Other than having to uninstall McAfee, the install process took under 5 minutes to be up and running. I reinstalled McAfee Virus Scan 9.0 and disabled email scanning until they get the rest of the compatibilities resolved. Now on to my iBook.

This setup was relatively simple too. I closed out of Entourage and ran through the installer. After the installer was done it required me to log out and back in. When I logged back in I was prompted to configure Ciphire Mail. This time I clicked on the “wait” option. I opened Entourage and replied to the email it sent me before.

When the reply came through, Ciphire Mail intercepted it and asked me to put my passphrase in. I did so and it verified I was the same person as the other and configured everything for me. Overall it was a good experience and its nice to know that my email is encrypted.

One other nice feature I noticed about Ciphire Mail is that it changes the subject line of your email. Sent emails from an encrypted account have a “[c]” at the end. All emails I get automatically get tagged with a “[c]” (encrypted) or a “[u]” (unencrypted). It also puts my key at the end of all emails I send, just like PGP.