Vacation time

I just wanted to let eveybody know that I’ll be away for the next week. I’m leaving tomorrow morning on vacation to the Caribbean. I will be returning on/around Saturday, March 5th. I might have my laptop with me for the plane but probably won’t be able update. I should have plenty of pictures to share when I get back. See everybody next weekend.

Y100 gone.

Many across the Philadelphia are are saddened to hear of the tragic loss of the best radio station in the area. Y100 is going off the air for unknown reasons today. Please, go to to sign the petition to get y100 back on the air. There is also information there for you to be able to contact the DJ’s and they’re setting up an internet radio feed where some of the jocks can broadcast from home. Preston and Steve are also setting up their own website at

Y100 had a the best collection of DJs than any other station in town. The Preston and Steve morning show had been awarded the tiltle of “Best Modern Rock Morning Show in the US”. They organized a annual “Campout for Hunger” where they stayed in in an RV for a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas collecting food for the Philadelphia Area Foodbank. This year they even got together with the Marines to help their “Toys for Tots” campaign. They were very involved with the community and often had reporters from other news stations on air with them. The Y100 crew even created a Dodgeball league and played area schools and even the US Marines. How many area radio stations could organize an event where the Marines would call up and ask to participate?

Please, help get Y100 back on the air in Philly or radio will never be the same.

Update: I just realized.. what am I going to do with the first preset on my radio?

Proof you don’t have to be smart to work in fast food

I went to McDonalds today for lunch. I had a coupon for a free medium drink and medium fries with any size Chicken Selects. I ordered a 3 piece and got the rest of my food free as expected. The real supprise came when I opened the box of Chicken Selects. I had a box marked 5 piece that only had 4 pieces in it. Just a reminder, I had only ordered and paid for a 3 piece! Maybe its a compromise? Maybe they can’t count? I’m not sure. I just think its funny.

Ryan Cam

I went out and got a cheap webcam finally. I happened to be and Kmart picking up a longer (and cheaper) USB cable and saw a decent Logitech QuickCam Messenger for $40. I’ve always wanted a webcam but every time I went to Best Buy they only had the expensive $80-150 cameras with the automatic zoom and movement. I’ll eventually upgrade to that, but for now this cheap cam will let me keep an eye on who’s in my room when I’m on the road and let you keep and eye on me when I’m here.

Anyway, here’s the link to the Ryan Cam–

(The Java Applet viewer is the better method, the refresh is just for the few who don’t have Java installed.)

Update: I ditched the refresh totally in favor of the Java applet. Sorry if you don’t have java installed. I also did some quick php coding to display a message if the camera is down.

Horde 3.0 released

This is sort of old news, but I hardly check my mail via webmail. Apparently Horde has released version 3.0 of their webmail software. It was released back on December 23rd but my host didn’t update until sometime in the past two weeks. Anyway, here’s some screenshots of the new cleaner interface.

Logged in as admin, notice the nice folder tree on the left which allows me to view each account’s inbox.

My personal inbox. Horde 3.0 also has a nicer calendar, address book, and newsgroup reader.

Security packaging

I just got back from Best Buy with a new USB cable for my printer (my jet direct started crapping out and a USB cable is much cheaper than a new jet direct card). Anyway, you practically need a tool kit to get into it. Its that plastic bubble around my USB cable, the kind where the edges are fused and you need the Jaws of Life to cut through it. I hate it.

Once I got it out of the package, I was in for a nice supprise, they wire tied it nice and tight. Here comes the Leatherman since my scisors just won’t do it. I often wonder if all this packaging is really necessary?

Note: This is why I own my Leatherman–

  1. Knife to open package
  2. Wire cutter to cut wire ties

Update: After all that it was too short, guess I’m heading out again. Anybody want to buy a 6′ USB cable? up for sale

On a sadder note, is up for sale on eBay. The original owner passed away a few months ago and his friend is selling the domain name. He has a FAQ posted at the auction site if you are curious.

This was a great site to quickly find your external IP address that I’m sure many of us have used on occasion. I’m sad to see it go and I hope the new owners do continue the great service this website provided.

Update: The ending price of the auction was $386,100.00! Wow!

Breaking the DMCA

Scott Moschella wrote an interesting article about how he downloaded one of the many “silent” songs on iTunes and how he removed the copy protection and made it available for public download on his site. Is it really illegal to download a MP3 full of pure silence?

Go download it and break the law too… its the cool thing to do.

Update: Apparently while writing this his site was yanked by his webhost. So much for downloading silence.

Update (again): His site didn’t get yanked, his host moved it to another server when it started to get alot of traffic and didn’t transfer everything correctly. They’re working on getting the database back up now and the link should work again later today.