March Meetup

March Meetup thumb


We had a great first meetup. We had a total of 6 members show up and we talked about alot (even… shhhh… features not yet on the roadmap for WP 1.6). We’ll defidently get back together and have some more great times. I encourage anybody in the Philly area that uses WordPress or any blogging software to come out and participate in the great discussions.

Thunderbird 1.0.2

I finally switched from Outlook 2003 to Thunderbird. I had been getting alot of spam recently and wanted to try out Thunderbird, so I finally went for it. I copied all my email over after I installed and set up a few other email accounts I need to check. I also copied over all my RSS urls to Thunderbird. The only thing it seemed to be lacking was a way to import RSS feeds from an OPML file, it took me about 20 minutes to copy and paste all those urls.

So far everything seems to be running well. I’ll keep testing it out over the next few days. It seems to be handling the multiple accounts very well. I have 4 email accounts set up and 2 news accounts and a crapload of filters. Its not as much of a memory hog as Outlook was, and it doesn’t open word in the background as the editor to tie up more system resources. I think it’ll be a good move overall. I’m just waiting to see.

I got a job!

I try not to post about work, but this is more personal than work… I am getting upgraded from “Intern” to “SysAdmin” (fancy name: “Network Operations – Desk Side Support Technician”). With that fancy name comes a nice salary (for a 20 year old), some nice vacation hours and a great crew of coworkers.

I take my position around the beginning of July after I graduate. I’m waiting on my offer letter for all the specifics, but I think I can say I’m feelin’ pretty good right now.