Trac and Fedora Core 3

Well I was trying to get a SVN/Trac environment set up on my Fedora box, and have now wasted several hours with no avail. Apache was not starting correctly and I finally got that worked out with some major b0rkage to my httpd.conf file. I think I have SVN working but haven’t tested it. If anybody has gotten this working, please let me know how you did it. I’m confused as hell.

I read this article and used it as my base instructions… but the page didn’t seem up to date. Apache reads the files in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ including the trac.conf file which is a duplicate of some of the things that are supposed to be added to httpd.conf according to that link. That just causes problems with duplicate aliases when trying to start/restart apache.

Is there a better document somewhere?

My friend… the Officer

Well after an afternoon of stupid phone calls and threats to lock us out, changing the money owed and wheelin’ and dealin’… we finally got our stuff out. I’m not going to bother going into all the details of the discussions with them today, the important thing is that we have our stuff.

We told them we’d be there around 4:30-5PM. When Kim, my father, and I all showed up, there was two police cars parked out front; Sarah and her parents were standing in the street waiting for us… looking like jackasses in front of their neighbors.

I stepped out of the truck and the one officer approached. He told me they were just there to keep the peace. I said to him “I understand officer, I appreciate you being here. I’m not the one causing all the problems; I’m just here to pick up my stuff. I’m actually glad you’re here, now I don’t have to worry about them trying to pull anything.”

The officer asked me if anybody else was showing up with me and I told him my father was there and my fiancé would be there in a minute. He also asked if I knew what was mine and what was theirs and I responded yes.

We walked into the house and Sarah was standing at the door to let us in. She was quick to say “shoes off” before we stepped on Steve’s precious carpet. We all complied and walked upstairs to start gathering our stuff. We took most of the small stuff downstairs and piled it by the door while we had our shoes off. That was right about when Sarah poked her head out again and said “be careful not to scratch the walls.”

We finally got all our stuff out and while I was in cleaning and vaccuming the room, the second officer left. The first had left after we got most of the stuff out. I was kindof upset that the officer left because I wanted to thank him for wasting their time waiting there.

Steve did show up at about 5:15 and just stood down the street and talked to Sarah’s father the whole time. He never came over and said anything and I didn’t even acknowledge he was there. He said some pretty nasty things today but I’m over it. I never have to see him again and I put it behind me. He was just trying to start trouble. I’m just glad they smartened up and had somebody there.

On our way out Sarah’s mother was nice enough to thank my father for stopping and helping to get the stuff moved out. Her parents seemed nice, which just goes to prove my point that Steve is the cause of all the problems and makes Sarah that way.

Once again, our stuff is out safely and hopefully we won’t have to waste time in court. As far as my parents, Kim’s parents, and I’m concerned I owe him nothing and his verbal agreement means nothing in court. I hope he’ll relize that and decide to drop the civil complaint he threatened us with, it’d be a shame for him to waste all that time.

Locked Out

Well we got up and quickly showered and took our valuable belongings this morning before they got up. Kim just called me to tell me that they left her a message saying that they were planning on filing a civil claim against us and a second message saying that they thought it best they be there when we moved out and that the doors have been locked so we can’t get in.

Alright, so you locked me out, with our posessions in your house. That means I can get the police involved! Kim texted her back and said told them if they didn’t want the police involved to be there between 4-5PM and unlock the house.

My dad is going out with me as an extra person to help move the stuff out and so that they don’t try and cause any problems. See you in court douche bag!

Rude Awakening

Well our “landlords” returned in a drunken state last night around 1:30AM. They banged on the door and asked why we were still there and what our resolution was. Kim told them that we were moving out Thursday before they got home and that they were paid for the cable with the overage in January’s rent. She also told them that they weren’t getting paid anything else.

Steve about popped his top and started asking if I was in there. I stayed quite in response to his threats then he went off on Kim and I spoke up. He continued to call me names and threaten me. The door stayed closed the whole time and had he entered, I would have called the cops.

He finally told us to get out Thursday morning. He would be there and said “we’re going to have a talk in the morning you little prick” to me. We told him that we were gonig to be out before he got home Thursday and that was going to have to be acceptable. He told us to get out in the morning. Final.

He went downstairs and came back up a few minutes later and shouts some more stuff about we are paying him the $90 for the gas and that it wasn’t a charity. He said there was an ATM down the street and he was getting paid cash.

We laid there scared out of our minds wondering what he was going to try. I think I got about 90 minutes of sleep the rest of the night and felt like I was going to throw up the whole time.

Asshole Landlords

Let me explain the scenario:
We moved into a place with friends of ours (at the time) in December January under the agreement of us having a bedroom in their Townhouse for $350/month. Utilities included. We offered to help and they said $350 was fine. At the time, Kim also offered to help pay half of the Comcast bill. Nothing was ever said about it, how much we needed to pay them for it each month, nothing.

The agreement also was for us to stay here from mid December January through the middle of May. Again, nothing written, it was a spoken agreement with somebody we considered our friend.

Sometime in February they stopped talking to us. They ignored us, complained, and even yelled at us. Apparently we didn’t take out the trash in the kitchen. Maybe forgot to empty the dishwasher once. Well let me tell you that we were always the first home and emptied out the dishwasher, did their dishes they left in the sink, brought in the trash/recycle containers.

The guy we’re living with is a total jerk and apparently has a stick so far up his ass its poking the back of his brain. I have never met anybody so anal in my life and he wins title of “Man with PMS worse than any woman I’ve ever met!”

Nobody can wear shoes in his house, on the new carpet, nobody can touch the walls in fear of the paint getting marred. He had a talk with me the other morning because of a speck of food we left in the sink. That’s anal!

Earlier this week they told us that we owed them $180 for our portion of the Comcast bill we never paid. My problem with this: they are trying to charge us $40/month (our half) of a $67.27/month bill for 4 months plus half for May. Do the math. My other problem with this. We were told to pay for the second half of December January. Kim paid a full $350 which was $140 over what they asked for. Paid.

This moring I got up and left for work, they got up and left for work, Kim got up and there was a note on the table stating how much we owe them before we move out.

  • $180 – Cable
  • $90 – Gas bill (I thought they said utilities were included, they never came to us about this.)
  • $175 – First half of May’s rent (Kim spoke to Sarah who told us that we could move out May 1 or May 14 and Kim asked if she wanted us to pay for half of May’s rent and Sarah told us no.)

This brings us to a grand total of $445!

Sarah stopped by quickly this afternoon. She ran in, handed me a letter Steve typed today and ran out the door to class.

Here is the entire contents of the letter and my take on it paragraph by paragraph.

Dear Kim and Ryan,
I was hoping that one of you would have been home this afternoon so that we could resolve this issue. Unfortunately our schedules kept this from happening. I am going to be calm through this entire manner unless provoked. First, I want to say that I am very disappointed with your ignorance you have shown Sarah in the last few weeks. Secondly, Sarah had asked you speak with me and you could not respect that. I also implicitly asked Ryan to come to me with any issues. Again my request was ignored.

I’m glad he’s staying calm, it would be a pitty if I had to get a lawyer and/or police involved. Secondly, it was never said by Sarah that we needed to go to Steve about anything else before we moved out. Thirdly, during my talk with him about the food in the sink, he said “… and I know there are some money issues to be worked out between Sarah and Kim, we’re here and I’m talking to you man to man, if you have any problems or questions come to me.” Never in there did he say for Kim and I to come to him if we had any issues, he told me to come to him if I had a problem.

In your conversation with Sarah today, you indicated that you did not want to come to me because I had a dislike for you. Kim, I do want to give you an A for effort but you statement was only half true. Being half true, the missing point is, I now respect neither of you.

(Remember, this is how he typed it, spelling errors included.)
He did have a dislike for us. He scowled at us, yelled at us, and never talked to us when we said hi to him. Disrespecting me is crossing the line, and being a jerk about it just made him look more like an ass.

The figure on the note and the statements were not an option we were asking you to follow through with. It is your obligation. From my understanding you are disputing a few points contained on that note. Again, make no mistake; they are obligations, not options.

When was it our obligation to pay for something never agreed upon? Had he come to us as a friend and not an ass we might have helped them out. When is it our obligation to pay for something we already covered in extra cash we gave them? Telling me I owe them something never agreed upon in a verbal agreement and never written on paper is outside of the verbal agreement and is non-binding and now will not be paid.

Now you are telling me that I am to be screwed out of half of May’s rent because you are moving out early. I beg to differ. That figure was set forth because of a verbal agreement between Amanda and you as to when you would be moving out. She is unable to move in early and because of this agreement so you are required to pay that portion.

(For those confused, Amanda is the person moving in.)
Lets not be hasty, it was agreed upon by Sarah and Kim (once again, verbally) that we could move out any time we wanted after May 1st and she didn’t have a problem with that. We’re glad to get out, and had they been more friendly we would have stayed until May 14th. Remember, in that verbal agreement between Sarah and Kim, that Kim offered to pay half of May’s rent and Sarah told her not to.

In addition balances are due on, yes another agreement and overages in utilities. You had indicated prior to moving in that you planned on splitting the Comcast bill. This is something you need to pay. Kim, you did agree to it. The other due in question, is because of the fact that I had to pay for Ryan to shower here, wash his clothes here, and so on. Out of courtesy you should be willing to pay for the usage because it was incurred by you. The gas bill almost tripled that month.

Yes, we agreed to pay half of the Comcast bill, and as far as I’m concerned, its paid for by what we paid extra for December January. He had to pay for me… like I’m some piece of trash. Out of courtesy you could have asked, and once again, had you not been a dick, we might have helped. Again, utilities was nothing ever agreed upon in the original agreement. We were told by Sarah we could stay here for $350/month, final.

Also, part of the reason the gas bill was so high was to pay for hot water they used to run the dishwasher every night. They threw everything in there, pots and pans included and filled it up and had to run it about once every day. Take a few min to hand wash those pots and pans and run the dishwasher twice a week. The other reason was their very inefficient dryer, You could stick a load in and put it on full cycle (towels) and everything would come out wet. It took two cycles for every load of laundry dry.

Now leads me to the options. You may either pay the full amount as requested and move out Saturday, or you may pay for the Comcast bills and additional gas usage owed and move out tonight. Where you go is of no concern to me. If I come home this evening and you are here I expect you will be paying the full amount. If you have moved all of your belongings by the time I arrive home, I expect the Comcast and gas bills paid, room cleaned and key returned.

Woah, first off I’m paying neither. Second off I paid for April in full as agreed. April 30th is Saturday. You might have the right to throw me out, but remember, when our posessions get damaged, the police and our lawyer will be getting involved.

Now Kim, focus, these are your only two options. I will be away this evening. This gives you plenty of time to make your decisions and move out if necessary. If you are a bitch to Sarah in any meaning of the word, I will take it personal. Please heed my suggestion.



What happened to being calm? Focus? Now I take that personal. A decision will be made, we will not be moving out tonight, but either Thursday or Friday and you will be recieving no money.

Please heed my warning: If any of our property gets damaged, Kim or I or threatened or harmed in any way; the police and our lawyer will be involved.

You can take us to court if you wish, but remember, that verbal agreement isnt’ enough for the judge to make us pay a dime.

English, Homophones, and the times

We all know the most brilliant ideas come when we’re in the shower. Well, last night all of the sudden the word “reraser” popped into my head. You know, the way a 5 year old tries to say “eraser.” Then it came to me “e-racer!” Brilliant. I just created a new genre of video games. I think it sounds better than “Racing.”

Isn’t the english language funny? I find it amazing how things can change with time.

Plans for the week

I’ve been busy lately and have alot going on besides coding. Here’s a rough list of what I’d like to get done this week.

  • Fix 5+ bugs and add some new features to WordPress Contact Form and prepare for release by Friday
  • Mesh Plogger with WordPress more than it is at the current moment
  • Get my reseller hosting set up so I can start earning some cash
  • Take care of everything I need to before we move into our new appartment this weekend

If you’d like to help out with any of that, please feel free to drop me a line.

Coding a mess

Well I’ve been doing alot of coding in the past few days and gotten myself in deep (again). I’ve managed to implicate myself in two more projects.

It started out when I discovered Plogger and decided I wanted to write a plugin to integrate it into a WordPress site. WP-PI (formally known as WordPress Plogger Integrator) was born. It was a simple plugin and is currently about 90% done. Two things still need to be done before I can release WP-PI.

  1. The options page
  2. Fix plogger so it can be called from a different directory

Thus, my implication in the second project. I started digging into plogger and fixed it so that it would use absolute paths instead of relative ones. I also updated the installer to figure the install path and add that to the database so it could be used when linking to css and js files in the head section.

Everything worked fine until I added some pictures. Then it started throwing errors. The thumbnail generator (phpthumb) could not find the relative path so it could fopen the images and generate the thumbnails. I’m still digging to figure out where that is set. Everything works now from the plogger directory (which means there is no coding errors), I just need to correct it to use a variable-set path instead of the path its currently generating when it looks for the pictures.

I also have one other issue with the database query variables sharing the same name. When loading plogger in WordPress its throwing SQL errors all over the place because WordPress is looking for it’s tables in the Plogger database. Once I get the first part worked out I should just be able to do a find/replace and change the conflicting variable.

I’ve spoken with Mike, the lead developer and he’s been able to point me in the right direction about some of the issues. He’s a nice guy and was glad I stepped up with the WordPress/Plogger integration. I look forward to working with Mike more and pushing this project forward.

Bash Scripting – Round Two

Tonight I finished up my second bash script this week. I created a quick script to

  • Dump all my MySQL databases to a folder
  • Archive
    • The MySQL folder
    • The /mail folder
    • The public_html folder
  • scp the archive to my home linux box

I set the file naming of the remote file to have the day of week included so I’ll have a full backup every night and hold them for 1 week. I could do monthly, but that starts to take up more space and I’m not that paranoid. If anybody wants a peek at how I did it, I’d be glad to show you.

I also set up a cron job on the server to run it at 11:30PM so I’ll have a good backup of everything that I might have changed that day.