— Security Update was released the other day. Its just a one-line fix if you didn’t want to download a whole archive.

  1. Open the wp-includes/template-functions-category.php file in a text editor like Wordpad.
  2. Go to around line 103 where it says get_the_category_by_ID.
  3. Create a new line after that and paste in $cat_ID = (int) $cat_ID;

Steak and (Ale)?

I was driving up interstate 83 to Harrisburg yesterday and saw a trucker restaurant titled Steak and Spirits. I know that steak and ale go together and that wine and spirits go together. When did they throw steak and spirits together? Is this a growing trend in the south?

Who’s in the forums?

Not in compliance with COPPA (federal law)
full path disclosure: security problem
Emergency: DB error

I like the fact that random people who never/rarely post come into the forums and report “security” issues so that they can claim that they found a “security issue” in WordPress. When reporting what you think to be a security issue, please state what you found and why you think it to be a security risk. Please don’t start a thread and say you found [insert nonsensical problem here] and demand it be fixed. Also, if it is anything you think to be of serious nature, please don’t post it in the forums, email Matt.

On another note, I think AOL’ers have begun to use WordPress.

First post from Emergency: DB error

hi, i get the following error when trying to browse my site, at www.justshannen.com I didnt modified anything last 2 days it has that problem…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_bloginfo() in /home2/parisgv/public_html/site/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 304

and the host is okay, the support forums and other forums with db sql are working

Second post from Emergency: DB error (same person, 12 minutes later after no response)

OMG OMG OMG i remember, I DELETED BY MISTAKE THE SQL!!!!! omg, what now/ OMG OMG OMG OMG MT FILES!!!!!

the DB was parisgv_wrdp1 OMG OMG OMG

No Blogging on Saturday

I’ve heard of no work on Sunday, but no blogging on Saturday is rediculous! I’m not quite sure what I’ve been doing, but I’ve consistantly not blogged on Saturday for the past 3+ weeks (I’m too lazy to look back any farther than that).

It actually seems that I take the weekend off from blogging. Everyonce in a while (today and last weekend) I’ll make a post on Sunday. Oh well, I guess we all need some time off now and then. I take my day on Saturday.

I’m going to Explode

I woke up this morning with a splitting headache. I pushed myself to get up and ended up stumbling my way into the bathroom. I took a long shower and got out and my headache was worse. I crawled back in bed for a few hours and finally got up and went to work. I was in no shape to go to class this morning.

Other than that, the day just seemed to drag on forever. I got some stuff done at work today (I’m not quite sure how) and came home to relax for the evening. Now it is time to call it quits and try and catch up on some sleep I missed out on last night. Goodnight.


Mike brought this to my attention today. Its been an on going discussion of photo gallery software and it’s looking like Plogger is ranking pretty good. We’ve gotten some good feedback and have a few things that we’re working into development.

As far as other Plogger news goes, we were able to acquire the plogger.org domain and are in the process of getting a site up. Mike had me add two more users to the developer/tester list and development has been quite active.

Today’s Fortune

I’ve been working on some new things lately and trying to get some cool things going. I went out to lunch for chinese and this is what was in my fortune cookie:

You have an important new business development showing up.

Sounds like a sign of good things to come!