WordPress Contact Form 1.2

While working on 2.0, I decided I should fix a few bugs in 1.1. to hold everybody over. This should kill the large ammount of support requests about the CSS errors and quicktag errors so I can get some work done on 2.0

Fixed in 1.2

  • CSS Error that causes the form to jump to the bottom of the page with some themes.
  • Now using Owen’s quicktag template so it shows up and doesn’t cause problems for other plugins that add quicktags.

Installation is as easy as replacing your wp-contactform.php file in your wp-content/plugins/ folder.

Visit the project page to get 1.2

17 thoughts on “WordPress Contact Form 1.2”

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  2. Hi Ryan!

    Thanks for the plug-in! Just what I needed!

    One catch, though: after the person enters the needed info, I…errr…don’t know how to redirect the person to the main page. Where should I input the code to allow the person to click “Back To Main” after getting the thank you message?

    Hmmm, wonder if that should be input in the next version? 🙂

  3. Hmm, can’t seem to load the options admin page. Can’t find the link: ~/wp-admin/options-contactform.php

    But I have the entire wp-contactform-1.2 in the ~/wp-content/plugins/ folder.


  4. Hello,

    I would like to use the contact form but I have the WYSI WordPress plugin from mudbomb.com and pressing the contact button just creates a javascript error. Any idea how to fix this?

    Thank you


  5. Hi Ryan

    I am building a site for a church. I was about to use a script to put a contact form up. I remembered your contact form but want to adapt it for the church’s use.

    However being unabled to code php I am not quite sure of what to do! If you go to http://www.theriverchurch.info/contact/contact.php you will see an unstyled page that lists the fields and text needed. We need to display a second form that allows someone to request prayer. It is a simple dialogue box with no other fields apart from the message box in the previous form.

    Could you possibly knock something like this together for me, using your contact form template so it would within wp? I would be happy to pay.



  6. Hi Ryan,

    I’d like to have a contact form that will work for any user. I already wrote about this on wordpress.org (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/28497).

    In brief, I already have an author.php, where I show a profile and list of posts. I’d like a contact form for that user to show up underneath. I see you’re developing a ver 2, so I thought I’d ask if you’ll be including something like that. If you aren’t, I may try and adapt your plugin to that functionality. Otherwise I’ll wait. (well, unless it’s months before 2 comes out).

    If you want to see an awful high school picture of me from 1980, look at a sample of the profile page minus the contact form. http://dmcireunion.com/courtyard/?author=2 We’re planning a high school reunion, and email each other is a key thing that’s needed. I don’t want to display email accounts for reasons of confidentiality.

    And hey, how are you getting those icons by people’s name in the comments. I mean, are users able to upload their own?

  7. I forgot something else 🙂 My form start all the way at the bottom of my page. I have about a foot of space above me form. I installed the latest version 1.2

  8. I seem to recieve a lot of weird email using this mail-form and was wondering if I can something do to close this down. I am also worried that maybe these people can use the form to spam some other people. Take a look at one example e-mail I am recieving like 10 times a day:
    “hesgpq@melodiefabriek.nl wrote:
    Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=”===============0155580731==”
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Subject: 51d4fc67
    To: hesgpq@melodiefabriek.nl
    bcc: bergkoch8@aol.com
    From: hesgpq@melodiefabriek.nl

    This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”us-ascii”
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit


    Website: hesgpq@melodiefabriek.nl

    Any help and suggestions is very much welcome!


    Marco Raaphorst


  9. I’ve also been getting similar spam submissions the last few days via my Contact Form plugin, some BCCing other folks as well. It’s not enough of a problem (yet) for me to disable the plugin, but this could get out of hand quickly.

    I suggest an optional feature for the next version that would require folks to retype a randomly-generated string of characters from an image (you know what I’m talking about) before the form allows a submission. If the images are done right, it’s an easy way to reduce non-human spammers from using the form.

  10. Way Cool!
    Thanks for working this into WordPress – it is a great addition I have added to several WordPress installs.
    I am not sure how to get the site spamming to stop – I get nearly 20 a day, and it is growing 🙂 Do you have any tips for following up on this spam? Are there ways of reporting such annoyances or getting these spammers shut down?

    Keep up the good work (enjoy your site too!)


  11. When I try to access the Form Options (Options>Conatct Form) I get this error “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: load_plugin_textdomain() in /home/psroxr/public_html/wp-admin/wp-contact-form/options-contactform.php on line 8”

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