Windows Genuine Advantage

After hearing all the hype about it, I figured I had better check it out and see if Windows update still worked on my PC. I ran it and it told me it needed to download the Genuine Advantage agent to continue. I did so and was taken back to the main page after it completed. I ran windows update again and this time it told me I needed to verify my installation. I was forced to click ok and after a few seconds it came back telling me I had a bad keycode and offered to let me get a real one for a discounted price.

Fortunately, due to their bad coding, a crack was found for this within 24 hours of them starting the program. The simple fix is go to windows update like normal. Once on the page that offers express or custom install, paste the following into the address bar and press enter.


It doesn’t look like it did anything, but now click express or custom and it will take you to the download page. Good job Microsoft. Thanks!

Happy Birthday

For those of you who don’t know, today is my 21st birthday. Kim and I went out for dinner and a movie last night and then swung by the bar after 12 to have a few drinks. We’re going down to have dinner with my parents tonight and I think we’re going out again tonight with some more friends.

Losing time

It just seems that I’ve been doing nothing but losing time lately. I’ve been so busy with everything and yet it seems I have time to do nothing. I haven’t seen anything important in the news, its just getting old and seems to be the same routine. Other than adjusting things on the new server and closing out old hosting accounts things havne’t changed. I have a few small projects I’d like to work on but can’t seem to find the time.

In other news, my 21st birthday is tomorrow and in celebration of that, I bought myself a nice 19″ LCD from NewEgg for a wonderful price of just $250! Now that I have more real estate, maybe it’ll be the encouragement to get back into coding some stuff. I really need to stop procrastonating and get some work done.

Server config

Well I haven’t been up to much this week but work and toying around with my server. I kept having problems where the plogger subversion repo would wedge or lock up and was unaccessable. My only fix was to stop httpd, so a `svnadmin recover` then restart httpd. Apparently I forgot to specify the filesystem as fsfs and was still using the old BerklyDB.

After reading some, I found a forum post on changing from BDB to FSFS. It was as simple as:
# svnadmin create --fstype=fsfs plogger-fsfs
# svnadmin dump plogger | svnadmin load plogger-fsfs
# mv plogger plogger-bak
# mv plogger-fsfs plogger

After that I just copied over any hooks from my old directory to the new one and it hasn’t wedged since.

Then today I found out that qmail was misconfigured and I wasn’t able to send to anywhere via smtp. I hadn’t noticed because I’ve been using IMAP, but Kim uses POP3/SMTP. Outlook kept telling me it could connect but not send the mail. I finally stumbled across a thread on the Plesk forums and did the following:
# /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd stop
# vi /etc/xinit.d/smtp_psa

Added -Rt0 to server_args line, then
# /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd start

After that everything appeard to be working proprely. Now that I have that all straightened out, hopefully everything will be good for a while.

CapitalOne doesn’t like Firefox

In the last month or so, every time I go to log in at CapitalOne it gives me a nice little browser alert telling me that because I’m not using IE or Mozilla I can’t use their site. They also have a continue button at the bottom that lets me “continue”. I click it and it takes me to their homepage where I can conviently log in to my account. Wait… I thought my browser wasn’t good enough! I wonder how much somebody from Microsoft is paying them to keep that alert in place now that they’re losing so much market share.

CapitalOne alert in FireFox

More dumb emails

Why me? Here are the two latest “dumb emails” I’ve gotten and chosen not to respond to.

admin wrote:
installed you contact form plug-ing. Works great. But what do I need to do to make it like your page. User clicks on “contact” in sidebar and goes straight to contact form. I don’t want to have to insert <!–contact form–> into every post or page. Thanks.

MM wrote:
Hi jayp!! Ask lng ko, hapos man mag obra own mo na template sa WordPress? I haven’t tried WordPress yet eh. Kay we plan to move out of Mambo muna. We’ve removed Blogger from our options kay tama ka limited sng features ka Blogger. I’m thinking though, kung budlay man mag obra template sa WordPress, then we’re sticking to mambo nalang. hehe..