Outrage over “Flightplan” movie

Apparently the flight attendant labor union is outraged over Jodi Foster’s new movie Flightplan and its 90,000 employees are being urged to boycott it. They say that it portrays them as terrorists and as “rude, unhelpful and uncaring.” You would think that after all those in-flight movies, that they would realize its just a movie and not real life! Its not accurate, and it isn’t supposed to be. People aren’t going to stop flying or be rude to them just because a movie portrayed them that way in a movie. I really wonder about some people. This is just another reason to show why unions are great at employing dumb, lazy people and why I hate them so much.

Source: Breitbart.com

Optimus Keyboard

This is the sickest keyboard I’ve ever seen. Each key is a mini LCD screen and can update in a second as to what the key does. Check out some of the later shots customized for applications and games like Photoshop and Quake. It also has a set of 10 quick keys on the left that can be used to launch applications and such. The price is still to-be-determined, but I’m pretty sure I’m getting one when they come out.

AOL Math

AOL just loves giving out free online time. They’re now up to 1175 hours for 50 days. Now lets do the math.

1175 hours / 50 days = 23.5 hours a day

Now to divide the wasted half-hour into connection time.

Based on an estimate of 30 seconds to connect and 8.3 seconds to realize you’ve been disconnected and click reconnect, this brings connection time 38.3 seconds for a full disconnect and re-connect.

30 minutes / 38.3 connection time = 47 times.
23.5 hours / 47 = 30 minutes online per session.

This fits in perfectly to how I remember staying connected to AOL 2.0. Now if we take it just one more step…

47 connections a day * 50 days = 2,350 30-minute sessions on AOL or 2,350 times you had to re-connect to AOL during your trial period. And…

30 minutes “connection time” * 50 days = 1500 minutes or 25 hours that you spent re-connecting!

Do yourself a favor and get broadband and you’ll never waste that time.


Why is it that we need to pay a billion dollars every year and get an emissions inspection done for our cars when trucks and buses can drive around and produce smoke blacker than burning rubber? I agree with the fact that emissions is a good thing for the ozone, etc.; but why are they allowed to drive around producing more pollution than 1,000 cars?

I was driving to work the other day and watched a bus pull away from a red light, the car that was behind it literally disappeared in the cloud of pitch black smoke that came out of the exhaust pipe. The only way I could make out where the car was by the headlights trying to shine through the smoke. Go ahead and tell me thats healthy for the planet.

How important is a leaky ceiling?

Apparently not important enough. I came home from work late tonight, around 6, and tried to relax from a long day at work. I started to make dinner around 7 and the phone rang. I went to answer it and all the sudden I heard a strange leaking noise. I opened my HVAC closet to notice a nice brown puddle forming on the carpet. I quickly ran upstairs to let the guy up there know.

I came back down and grabbed a trash can to catch the water and a towel to drape over my nice printer I had in the closet. I then proceeded to call the after-hours answering service to put in an emergency call. I wasted a few more minutes arguing with the lady that my address is “9 Rosedale”; not Rosedale Ave, not Rosedale St., just 9 Rosedale. Finally she took my phone number and told me that Don would call me shortly.

By 8, an hour later, I still had not heard from Don. I called back and they told me that they spoke to Don and he was aware of the situation. A few minutes later my landlord who happens to live in the apartment across the hall knocked on my door. She said she had just been upstairs and the air conditioner was off and that Don had called her and asked her to turn off the AC and that he would be out to fix it in the morning.

To make things worse, I spoke to the painter who had been working upstairs and he said that he put in a call about the air conditioner up there being extremely noisy 2 days ago. He also told me that he spoke to Don about it again this morning and said that they had been working on it for 3 days and the fan was hitting something inside. Apparently it wasn’t important for them to fix before it broke and it still isn’t important enough to come out and fix the standing water in my ceiling tonight.

My response: WTF??

WordPress Contact Form 1.3

You cried out, we responded. Spam has become a major issue with WPCF over the past few weeks with people reporting multiple messages a day. While we are not sure if any bots were successful in sending spam to other recipients, we have improved the functionality of WP-Contact-Form to check for certain “signatures” in the submissions and not send the email in certain instances. This should mitigate the spam that is trying to be sent through your forms and also the spam that you’re receiving.

I urge anybody to immediately upgrade to 1.3 and stop allowing spammers to abuse your site. Please let me know if anybody has any issues with this release.

A download and change log are available on the project page.

Minty Breath

I gave in and bought a license for Mint the other day. So far its pretty cool. All the ajax and refreshing data without reloading the page is great. Keep watching as the Pepper developers start to shine and make use of the API. I’m sure some really interesting things will be available.

The most interesting stats I find with my site is that Firefox outweighs IE by quite a bit and that 800×600 is only 5% of viewers. 1024×768 is 39% and the remaining 56% are larger than 1024×768. So much for designing for 800×600. Thats now a thing of the past.



Goodbye “Little Buddy”

Apparently I’ve been so turned off by the news the past few days that I missed hearing about Bob Denver dying. Its a shame when a great American icon dies. I remember watching the syndicated episodes of Gilligan’s Island while growing up and still stop to watch if I see one on TV.