I think I may have developed another stomach ulcer or two. I’ve always been plagued by stomach problems and they’ve been leaving me alone for the past few months. I got sick last week and thought it was just a 24 hour stomach virus but after 2 days of the same thing, I gave the doctor a call. He said it sounded more stomach related than a virus and gave me some pills to try out. I’ve been taking pills and trying to eat light for the past few days but the symptoms are still the same. I have another appointment this afternoon to follow up and see if I can get something else prescribed. Its not cool when you can drink fluids and eat only a few things without feeling like you’re going to vomit all the time. If it were an option, I’d just rip out my stomach all together. Who needs it anyway?

Ubuntu? No, Fedora

After trying endlessly to get Ubuntu to install on my server, I finally gave up. I am not a fan of trying to create LVM’s in a text-based setup. At least in Fedora’s setup I could see what I was doing and there was help available if I got confused. It just didn’t like my hardware or something. I had problems with the hard disks, finding my cd-rom to install off of and after about 5 installs, I don’t think I ever got to the log-in screen. I finally said screw this and dug out my copy of Fedora core 4.

I threw them in and it installed flawlessly. Set my kernel parameters to keep my mouse sane after flipping with my KVM switch and to ignore the second channel on my IDE controller. Its a pretty crazy setup I have. I have a 36GB drive and a tape drive hanging off SCSI. The CD-ROM is off the single onboard IDE channel, and I have an Adapted IDE card that I have a 200GB, 80GB, and 60GB IDE drives hanging off of. I ended up setting it up so that the root, boot, and swap partitions were on the SCSI drive, and the other 3 drives made one big logical volume group.

So much for Ubuntu’s slogan of “Linux for Human Beings”! I’m still trying to figure out what I am!

WB Ripoff

I’m sure everybody has heard of Disney’s latest animation, Chicken little. But did you notice the resemblance between Chicken Little and Warner Bros Egghead Jr? Take a peek and note the similarities (besides the fact one is 2D and the other is 3D)…

Egghead Jr
Egghead Jr

Chicken Little
Chicken Little

Seen while driving

On my way across the border from Pennsylvania into Maryland on Interstate 81(across the Mason-Dixon line) I noticed the following:

  1. There is a road named “Mason-Dixon Road”
  2. The exit for that road is titled “State Line”
  3. 1000 feet past that exit is a sign with the CB radio frequency for the police monitor channel

Only in Maryland…

Strange email

This one isn’t spam, but it sure confused the hell out of me!

Laurie -cut for privacy- wrote:
I work at Crest View Elementary in Brooklyn Park, MN. We have a family at our school that heard your program can help with housing and finances. I am not aware of what your program is. Could someone contact me and tell me what you do and if you are able to help any of our families? Thanks
Laurie McNamara, School Counselor
-phone number cut-

The IP checked out to the school district she claims to work for and the email address was legit. I sent Ms. McNamara a reply asking her what on earth she was talking about.


McNamara, Laurie wrote:
When I went to allaboutkids.com- the website had a spot to fill in a request to contact them. They said they provide assistance to families in need. For whatever reason – it must have routed to you.

Update 2:
Apparently the It’s all about the kids foundation decided to steal somebody’s wordpress look and feel and use it for their plain html site. All the way down to copying and pasting my contact form code in to their html file. When submitted, it would send the comment to me and take you to the confirmation page on my site. Upon errors, it would reload the form on my site and display the errors.

I’ve modified my .htaccess to send them to a nasty picture next time somebody hits the submit button from their site, if you’re grossed out, don’t try it. I also sent them a nasty email about not copying source code from people’s sites if they don’t know what they’re doing. See below…

Your site is hijacking the use of my contact form plugin for wordpress. Please note that unless you download and install the form properly, I will be forced to disable the form on your site. All emails being sent through it are coming directly to me.

Please do not just copy code from the source of somebody else’s site #1 if you do not have permission, and #2 if you have no freking clue what you’re doing.

You might be a redneck if…

… your “summer home” is within an hour of your main house. Seriously, who owns a house in the same state, in a town that is an average town and no one vacations there and has the nerve to call it their “summer home”? Some people truly are jackasses.

Costly Mistake

If you hadn’t heard about the PS2 power adapter recall, I’ll fill you in. Apparently most of the Christmas models from last year with power bricks manufactured from August through December are under recall. I got an email notice from Sony, filled out the information and they said they’d send me a replacement in a few weeks. About a week passed and I got a new brick. I noticed that this one was manufactured in February of this year. I was curious as to why it was so old, but figured they wouldn’t send it to me if it was still susceptible to the recall. I swapped it out and sent the old one back using the return label they sent.

About 1-2 weeks after that the UPS guy showed up again with a box of the same size and weight. Knowing what it was immediately and curious as to why they sent me another one, I opened it up. I noted that this one had a sticker on the end that said “Replacement”. I looked at the enclosed note which read something to the extent of “The first replacement we sent you might still be under the recall. Please send the one we sent you back and use the one marked ‘Replacement.'”

I did as they asked and swapped it out for the second one noting that this one was manufactured in August of this year. Unfortunately thats a costly mistake for them since they had to double ship plus they paid return postage for each replacement. I wonder how many they sent before they caught it.

Drive swap

Now everything seems back to normal again. I swapped out the two drives in my computer for new ones. I originally had a 120GB SATA 150 7200RPM drive that was running my OS and programs partitions. I also had a 200GB drive (plain old ATA133 7200RPM) that was my media store. I had been wanting to swap out my first drive for a SATA 10,000RPM drive but wasn’t ready yet. I was digging around last week and noticed that my 200GB drive had only 10GB free so I decided it was about time for that upgrade.

I went on to newegg.com and ordered myself a Western Digital 36.4 GB SATA 150 10,000RPM and a Western Digital 320GB SATA 150 7200RPM drive. I installed the 320GB and formatted it then started to copy some data over. I copied and pasted about 10GB worth of data in explorer and waited about an hour for it to finish. This got rather annoying since the process usage for explorer was near 100% the whole time. I downloaded a copy of ViceVersa Pro and set it to copy the rest. I was amazed when it told me it was going to take about 2 hours to copy the remaining 166GB. How could this be possible?? 10GB in 1 hour in explorer vs 166GB in 2 hours through ViceVersa. What was even more amazing was that during the copy process, the processor usage was still normal and I could use my computer without any lag. ViceVersa is my new best friend for any decent size data copy.

I also made a copy of my windows and programs partitions to the new drive so that I could copy over profile settings, etc after I set up the new drive. Once that was done and I had a large list of installed programs, I swapped out the second drive and threw in my cd. Once I was done reinstalling Windows, I began on the large list of installed applications. This was where things got fun. As I installed applications, I copied over the profile directories to the new drive and opened them up to make sure everything was ok. It was amazing to open Firefox and Thunderbird and see all my configuration and plugins just as I had left them on my old drive. I’m now settled back in and everything seems to be working ok. I just need to reorganize my start menu for better productivity.