To Mac or not to Mac

I’ve been in a dilemma the past few days as to how to consolidate my computer stash. I currently have 1 I use daily and 3 I use partially that are more role-specific. I also have 3 systems that I don’t use. A more definitive break down would be:

  1. Desktop, home brew, AthlonXP/WinXP, used daily
  2. Desktop, Dell PowerEdge 1400SC, Dual PIII/Fedora, used as backup server
  3. Laptop, Apple iBook, G3 PPC/OS X, used for cool linux things, mobile test web server, and just to be different
  4. Laptop, generic, P4/WinXP, used to console to Cisco hardware, test labs
  5. Laptop, Dell, P3/WinXP, unused
  6. Laptop, generic, unused
  7. Laptop, generic, unused

I was debating on listing the 3 unused laptops on eBay and possibly my iBook in hopes of turning them over for a nicer PowerBook G4 but I haven’t decided yet. Maybe by midnight I’ll resolve this issue into one of my 2006 resolutions.

WordPress 2.0 -> 1.5

Thanks to masquerade, I was able to downgrade from 2.0 back to 1.5. After running 2.0 for a few days on my production site and getting extremely annoyed at the shitty post screen and various bugs that were not fixed, I have refused to run swiss cheese software on my site.

I’m not too impressed with the “push it out the door” while still committing bug fixes on the same day. The downloads haven’t be there like when 1.5 was released, but maybe that was because it was never announced. Why was that? Or maybe it was because all the troubles with the upgrade and the 404’s in the forums. The new posts have stayed the same partially because nobody has upgraded and partially because when they try and post, they get a 404 error 90% of the time. Some things are just not thought out well.

Here’s what another user said on the mailing list:

WordPress is a great product and the new version looks great. But what bothers me is the rush of releasing the version 2.0.

But here is some of my thoughts as I compare wordpress with Gallery in terms of releases and problems with new version.

1. The Alpha phase was for a long time and then suddenly came beta and RC. And the so called final stable came much quicker. It looked like someone had rushed to deliver the same.

2. Same rules applied to site where lots of links were broken as soon as it got upgraded.

3. With so many changes the in the “trunk” now the 2.0.1 or 2.1 or 3.0 is not very far. May be we can slow down the public stable version release process a bit. So majority of new comers and not so techies or people with out SVN access can have a glitch free operation for a longer time where they do not have to update/upgrade so soon when they find something is broken.

-Best Regards

If you’re not happy with 2.0 you can try and use masquerade’s downgrader. Oh, and feel free to let Matt know how you feel.

Back to school… at CTU

Thats right, 6 months after I graduated with my Associate degree, I’m heading back to school. For all the 24 fans reading, I’m not actually going to CTU, but Colorado Technical University Online. This is my first experience at online/distance learning and so far it seems pretty neat.

The coursework is heavy, I have 4 classes per term for about 16-20 credits total. Its enough to be considered full time, which means I can defer my student loans I was about to begin paying on.

They accept my Associate degree as the first 2 years of work and I have 15 months of online classes to earn a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in IT. Thats nice since most local schools I looked at would require me to attend for 2 1/2 to 3 years as a part time student to earn a Bachelor degree.

I already started my first two classes today; E-business and Marketing. I was looking at my instructor’s contact information for my E-biz class and based on his home phone that he only lives about 15 minutes away from myself. How ironic is that when you’re doing online/distance learning and your instructor lives around the corner? It really is a small world.

WordPress 2.0

Its been a silent upgrade with about a 3 minute hiccup while I deleted and re-uploaded the new files. Everything seems to have gone smoothly and fortunately the few plugins I use work. Everything looks good, I think I’m going to call it a night.

Happy Holidays

Christmas is nigh, and to anyone else celebrating Christmas, have a Merry Christmas! If you celebrate Hanukkah… Happy Hanukkah. If you celebrate Kwanzaa… Happy Kwanzaa. And if you’re an Atheist, enjoy your time off of work. To everybody… have a Happy New Year!


While taking our dog for a walk yesterday, we noticed it looked like he had eaten a piece of string, then it started to move. I quickly bagged it and took it to the vet now knowing he has worms. After a few minutes of checking it out, the vet informed us that he has worm (singular) and that it was about 12-16″ long. Fortunately we weren’t the only ones grossed out by it. The vet said it was the grossest thing they had ever seen. So now our poor dog is taking worm medication. Heck of a way to spend the holiday weekend.

Santa Does Exist!

But not according to this person…

“The poem has great literary value, but it goes against my conscience to teach something which I know to be false to children, who are impressionable,” said Farrisi, 43, of Myerstown. “It’s a story. I taught it as a story. There’s no real person called Santa Claus living at the North Pole.”

Farrisi doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, and she doesn’t think anyone else should, either. She made her feelings clear to the classroom full of 6- and 7-year-olds, some of whom went home crying.

On Monday night, Jamey started to recite Moore’s famous poem while sitting on a couch next to a freshly cut tree, trimmed in tinsel and topped with a golden star: “’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house. No creatures stirred.”

She paused, looked up, and said that’s when the teacher interjected, just a few lines before the verse that announces the arrival of “a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.”

“The teacher stopped reading and told us no one comes down the chimney,” Jamey said, curling into a ball on the couch, bracing her chin on her knees, her voice shrinking away like melting ice cream. “She said our parents buy the presents, not Santa.”

[Lebanon Daily News]

WordPress Contact Form 1.4

Following up on the upcoming release of WordPress 2.0, I’ve released version 1.4 1.4.1 1.4.2 of my WordPress Contact Form plugin. You can grab a copy here and once I get back a few sucessful reports, I’ll update the project page. Please download and let me know that it works. It works with WordPress 2.0 only and is not backwards compatible.

Quick install instructions:

  1. Delete your previous wp-contactform.php and options-contactform.php files on your server
  2. Upload all files from the archive to wp-content/plugins/wp-contact-form/
  3. Thats it! You should be set!

As far as changes are concerned, I’ve reverted the mail() function for now due to the errors with safe mode in PHP. It now uses Owen’s Buttonsnap class to add the buttons to both the rich-text editor and the non-rich-text editor. Converted the previous user level 9 (required to change options) to the manage_options cap. Implemented a wordwrap of 80 characters to the message body. The CSS has also been updated to what I’ve been testing in 2.0, seems to work with more sites and browsers. It should no longer send a billion emails when you have the asides plugin active (Thanks Bernd Zeimetz). The XHTML is also valid again thanks to Miles Baker. And lastly, I’ve fixed the headers so it should now set the charset properly to whatever your blog uses.

Any questions, comments, reports of it actually working; please post them here.

IE Only

I’m still baffled as to why some sites refuse to let you in if you’re not using IE 5.0 or greater. Why, as a web developer, would you build an application for such a buggy, inadequate, piece of shit browser and force users to use it to view your content.

I went to FX’s website to see information about the upcoming 24 season. On their site they have what looks to be a flash game. I went to try it out and it told me that it required IE 5.0 or greater and the window would now close. I copied the link to the page and pasted it into IE. That explains why it was IE only, it was trying to install an ActiveX control. Why do sites still use this either? I clicked OK to see what it was going to install and it wanted to install a control from WildTangent. No freaking way! I’ve had enough fights with WildTangent in the future past and seen what they do to a computer. I clicked cancel and then noticed this reassuring paragraph at the bottom of the page.

To ensure a high quality experience, we
collect anonymous configuration information:
View Web Driver Privacy Policy

Unfortunately, its still not getting installed. So much for the game. Maybe FX should consider its partners better next time.