Jesus who?

If you haven’t heard about the athiest suing the priest, you must live under a rock. This is the most rediculous case I’ve ever seen pass through the legal system. How can you challenge whether a person actually existed?

He has said he has little hope of the case succeeding in overwhelmingly Roman Catholic Italy, but that he is merely going through the necessary legal steps to reach the European Court of Human Rights, where he intends to accuse the church of what he calls “religious racism.”

Religious racism?!?! WTF?? Apparently its acceptable to make up some term, say you’re offended by it and sue whomever you see fit.

I await the day this idiot is struck down for being stupid. Whatever happened to majority rule? Now we’re all afraid to say anything because 1 person in a million might be offended. We’ve gone from a democracy where things were done for the best of the majority back to “rule by 1”, the little guy who doesn’t like (whatever)! I’m going to dig an underground bunker and create my own world because apparently there is no place suitable for anybody with a brain to live.

Poop dance

I swear my dog is dumb… Have you ever heard of bees doing a dance to let the colony know that they’ve found something? My dog does something similar to that when he’s outside doing his business.

It usually starts out with 3-5 circles around me, sometimes more. He thinks he finds a spot and starts to squat, then takes 3 hops to the left 1 hop back, 2 forward and decides its not the right spot. He’ll run around some more then squat, 2 hops to the right, 1 hop forward, then he finally does his business. It confuses the hell out of me and all I know is by the time he’s done spinning me around, trying to scoop it up is like playing pin the tail on the donkey.

Record labels fight back against RIAA

In a twist on the old tale of the RIAA suing teenagers for downloading music, Nettwerk Records (Canada) has offered to pay the legal bills of one family who has vowed to challenge the RIAA in court. The Gruebels, a US family, are accused by the RIAA of downloading a whole host of songs, including works by various Nettwerk artists. The label has offered to foot the bill for Chicago lawyer Charles Mudd Jr., who will defend the family in court and has already argued several cases on this issue. Terry McBride, CEO of Nettwerk, explained in a statement that he does not see how lawsuits help the industry, the artist, or the consumer.

“Litigation is not ‘artist development.’ Litigation is a deterrent to creativity and passion and it is hurting the business I love. The current actions of the RIAA are not in my artists’ best interests.”

All I can say is its about time that somebody realized that this litigation is bullshit and is hurting the industry. Whats even funnier is that its a record label thats standing up against them.

Record label defends accused file-swapper against the RIAA – [Ars Technica]

Four Things

I was waiting for this, it was inevitable… shep tagged me. Anyway, here we go…

Four jobs I’ve had
Lawn mower
Office furniture installer
Grocery Clerk
Systems Administrator

Four films I can watch over and over
Office Space
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Transporter

Four places I’ve lived
Philadelphia, PA
Pottstown, PA
Reading, PA
Hershey, PA

Four TV shows I enjoy
The Simpsons
CSI (all 3)

(There were some I missed, unfortunately this is only 4 things)

Four foods I like
Corn bread
Steak (or any other form of red meat)

Four websites I visit daily
My Google homepage
Google Maps (I’m like a human map and I’m always curious to find new ways.)
Snakes on a blog

(I really don’t go anywhere else, I read about 50 feeds in my aggregator every day.)

Four things I’d like to do before I die
Cruise around the world
Create some great web technology and become famous for it
Have kids
Start a charitable organization

Four people I’m tagging


Ironically, yesterday I received two emails hours apart from two different people telling me that they localized WordPress Contact Form 1.4.2. With their permission, I merged the two files and made sure everything was right and added it to SVN. The current release is 1.4.3 and includes a .pot file. Get to work and get translating! No more hard-coding things into the file.

I think I’m going to join the polyglots list and make announcements of updates on there so anybody translating can get a copy of the .pot file and translate it as soon as the next version is available. I haven’t figured out the best way to manage .mo files yet. So for now, please host them on your site and email me with a link to the file and I’ll add it to the list on my site.

Thunder, Lightning, Rain, and Snow

Yes, all at once. I was working on my computer and kept thinking I was hearing thunder. I passed it off thinking it was a neighbor making noise. All of the sudden I began to see flashes through the blinds and I realized we were in the middle of a thunderstorm. About 5 seconds later I had a severe weather alert pop up on my desktop… snow squall heading in our direction. So, it started out around 45 degrees as rain, thunder, and lightning and then began to snow its butt off. How weird is that? I guess not all that weird considering the snow squall they got on the Big Island of Hawaii yesterday.

Hands full

I’ve been extremely busy again the past few days and thus the lack of posts. I’ve been trying to keep up with my email and news reader and have added quite a few things to but haven’t added much content here. We’ve been busy looking at a house and between work and my online classes, I haven’t had much other time on the computer. When I do have time on the computer I don’t feel like doing much and just zone out and get nothing done.

I’ve gotten more sleep than normal in the past few nights and hopefully I’ll begin to feel a bit better. I’ve been poking around for AJAX toolkits to use with the next version of WP Contact Form and haven’t found quite what I’m looking for. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be glad to take a look and see if I think it’ll work. linkroll

I was playing around some last night and decided to add a linkroll. I didn’t use the normal code from though. This idea came from kitta. She had this beautiful linkroll on her sidebar that had icons for every link. After shooting her an email and waiting a few days, I finally got a response and she told me it was done with the help of json.

I tweaked the css some and with the help of some guys in #web, was able to figure out the DOM and get one last li element inserted that was a link to my page. Let me know what you think of it.

Lifehack: How to reheat fried chicken

Whether I consider it healthy or not for other lifehackers to eat fried chicken is debatable, but on the glorious occasion that you do and decide to save some for later, I’ve perfected my method for reheating it and keeping the Colonel’s Extra Crispy Recipe tasting like it was just made.

Note: This process is based on the chicken being kept in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours and it being chilled. Time in the microwave can be shortened based on how warm the chicken still is.

  1. Remove the small baking sheet from your toaster oven and line it with tinfoil for easy clean up. Turn on your toaster oven to 400 degrees and let it pre-heat for a few minutes while the next few steps are preformed.
  2. Start by placing 2 or 3 pieces of chicken on a plate. Cover the plate with a paper towel. (Two squares seems to be the right length to cover the plate and wrap underneath) This keeps the moisture in and prevents the chicken from drying out too quick.
  3. Place the plate in the microwave making sure the paper towel stays wrapped underneath the plate. Microwave the chicken for about 1 minute to 1 minute 45 seconds. (The small 600 watt dorm-type microwaves take about 1:45) You want the chicken to be almost warm, still a little cool side. If your microwave doens’t have a turntable, rotate the plate halfway through.
  4. Remove the plate from the microwave and place the chicken on the baking sheet. Stick the baking sheet in the toaster oven for about 2-3 more minutes watching to make sure the outside doesn’t start to burn.
  5. Remove the baking sheet from the toaster oven making sure not to burn yourself and let the chicken stand until it is cool enough to touch.

This process should allow you to reheat your favorite fried chicken without drying it out and keeping it extra crispy just like when you ordered it.