I think we finally found a house yesterday. We wrote an offer up around 8PM last night and got the word back that the seller accepted this afternoon. We still have a few things left like home inspection and getting the mortgage commitment. We have until the end of April to be out of our apartment. We’re planning on settlement between the end of March and hopefully mid April, but are working with the seller because she still needs to find somewhere for herself. The house is in great condition and I’ll have photos to post after settlement and we start to move in. More details to come…

Working against the clock

I had a user’s hard drive go bad the other day. Normally we can catch it in time and swap it out while the other is still in pretty good condition. That way we can get all the data off there that they need. I’ve had a few lately that have gone down and they’ve gone down quick. I plugged the old hard drive into my converter and tried to mount it but it wouldn’t mount. It finally mounted and I couldn’t see anything in explorer so I opened my data recovery program to try and pull the data but it kept hitting bad sectors and finally bombed out.

I went back and tried a deep scan which ended up taking about 20 hours. I came in this morning at 7 and it was only at 93%. It finally finished and didn’t show me anything. The drive had disappeared and would no longer mount. Dropping down to the low-level utilities, I ran Partition Table Doctor off a floppy pre-boot and was able to rebuild the MFT. Came back into windows and the drive showed again in Explorer. This time I was able to see files but couldn’t move anything. I did a quick scan with my program again and it showed all the files, tried a recovery and got bad sector messages and couldn’t recover anything. As a last ditch effort I’m trying to create an image of the drive to work off of so it doesn’t keep corrupting itself. Any other suggestions?

Windows Product Activation, Round 2

My system board has been acting up lately and I worked on it some tonight. Unplugged it, grounded myself, everything by the books. When I replaced the RAM, it gave me an error and wouldn’t POST. I later determined that DIMM slots 1 and 2 were no longer operable. It wouldn’t recognize anything in there and as long as there was RAM installed, it wouldn’t POST. So currently I have it working with 1 stick of 512MB, down from 3 sticks.

What was even more annoying was that when I got back into Windows, it was telling me that I needed to activate again. Seriously, I removed 1GB of RAM. Why does that flag a system change? I can understand if the system board and processor changed and one or two PCI cards were changed at the same time. Everything is the exact same except for less memory! To make things worse, it must be done in 3 days. Unfortunately I was forced to activate because I don’t have the cash to get new parts until next week. That means when I replace the system board and processor next week, I will have to activate again. I think 3 is the magic number before I have to call Microsoft again and tell them why it keeps changing. What a joke.

Anyway, if you’re interested in what I’m getting… here it is. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

Firefox Memory Leak

I read the report on this on a Mozilla Blog last night and decided to do a few semi-controlled tests to see what happened. The first test was done with the default setting of -1 for browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers. I closed all instances of Firefox and started a new process. Ran the tests and changed the setting to 0 restarted and ran the tests again. The following is the process I used.

  1. Open Firefox, automatically load my home page (Google Personal)
  2. Click my bookmark for my local weather page at
  3. Type in and load
  4. Open a new tab and click on my bookmark for my local weather page again, I now have 2 tabs open
  5. Close tab 1 (the original); Click “Home” and loaded Google Personal again

In between each step, I waited for the memory to even out. In the readings there is a slight variation I’m assuming based on the page content and the time of loading since ads, etc change. The back button was never pressed to try and keep the pages in the session history cached. The only thing that wasn’t accounted for was the extensions installed. I might go back to a stock install with no extensions to see what kind of numbers I’m getting. Anyway, here are the numbers, first is set to -1, second is set to 0:

  1. 34625K/30412K
  2. 50128K/49972K
  3. 45192K/45492K
  4. 64774K/55140K
  5. 44800K/46076K

After the similarity in these numbers and the fact that its still ending at 46076K after startig at 30412K when set to 0, I’m not totally convinced that its not a memory leak. The true test would be to set up a stock install of Firefox, set it to 0 and run it for a few hours, return to the page you opened it on and close all other tabs. I would almost guarantee that it will be up at least 30-40000K from when it was opened.

Google cloud shows perverts

Following the unveiling of Google cloud, I’ve noticed some disturbing search trends showing up. As expected, “Brittney Spears” is ranked 5 at the moment. More disturbingly, the following also showed up on the list. (Followed, in parentheses, by the number of searches in the past 24 hours.)

  • “naked little girls” (34)
  • “Tamil sex” (65)
  • “huge pussy” (24)
  • “boobs” (10)
  • “anus” (6)
  • “poop” (2)
  • And the even stranger “Jeff is gay” (15)

google cloud

Note: Google cloud is in no way affiliated with Google

Business plan

I’m starting another project, this time one I’m not giving up on. I’m currently in the planning and logistics stage and have invested a mere $120 into various little items required. If I’m going to get serious though, I need to come up with a business plan so I have something to go off of. I need a 5 year outlook to show my profits, future plans, and whether it can be done or not. Right now I’m looking at about $100/month in operating costs. My projection is to have 2000 “users” providing a gross income of $10,000/month and less than $500 in monthly operating costs. As things grow, I’ll probably be looking to add an employee to manage things for me so I don’t spend every waking hour on it. But for now, its starting out small. Just me, and 1 server. I’m not disclosing any further details as to what this project is. More will be released as the time approaches, maybe even a “sneak peak” or open closed beta for a week or so to generate interest and work out the kinks.

Choices. Let me make my own, please

I went to McDonalds the other day to grab a lunch while on the road. I normally get through pretty fast, but was the first time I stopped at this location. We sat and didn’t move for 10 minutes. Not quite sure what the hold up was, and the parking lot was a mess, I’d have to go back out on the road to come back in the other side to park. I waited in line, it finally started to move. I got up and placed my order which included a vanilla milkshake. The lady taking my order tried to make me order a Shamrock Shake which I find extremely disgusting. I had to tell her no twice and that I wanted a vanilla milkshake. She finally agreed and gave me my total. I pulled forward and paid her, she seemed to be a grumpy old lady. Nowhere in that whole time did anybody apologize for the long wait. Total time to get through the drive thru, 20 minutes. I could have gone in, ordered, sat down, eaten my lunch and left in that time.

Middle Man

I ordered a SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB on eBay yesterday for $74.99 + $14.99 2 day shipping. I came home today to a box from which conviently had my Cruzer Mini in it and the billing address was the guy I ordered it from on eBay. I went on Amazon to check prices and saw that it was listed at $72.99 + 10.49 for 2 day shipping. Assuming this guy has an Amazon Prime account and gets free 2 day shipping he stands to make $16.99 on the transaction and did no work at all. List item > Get paid > order item and ship directly to buyer. Maybe I should start doing that. Seems like an easy enough way to make money. I also should have checked out first and saved myself $6.50, but then again, I never would have found out about this neat scheme.

Feel the Roar

Today was rather eventful. Kim had a job interview this afternoon and we at dinner as soon as she got home. I had gotten free tickets from work for our suite at the Giant Center for tonight’s Hershey Bears game.

We left our dog out this afternoon and he was good for the few hours no one was home, I walked in the door and he was sleeping on the couch. We rushed out after dinner to the game and left him out again.

The game wasn’t so good, but it was nice to have seats up in a suite. The bears lost 5-4 after a disappointing second period and quick third period. We made it home in 5 minutes (we live a mile from the Giant center and the suite parking lot allows out the back way for a quick shortcut home).

I opened the door to see if our dog was good or not and found chocolate wrappers all over the house. He had been good and never eaten them while we were there or the few times we left him out. Tonight he ate about 25 pieces of chocolate, then proceeded to pee on our futon when we got home and realized he was bad.

Can I go to bed yet?