New Tool Song

I heard the new Tool song the other day and have yet to see why all the Tool-heads, Tool-sheds, or whatever you want to call yourselves keep requesting the song on the radio. Like all suck-ass bands, this song sounds like all the songs on their previous album. Nothing new to hear… so move along.

Gas profits

Where do they go? To the oil companies. The small gas stations can’t pass on any savings since they’re hardly making enough to survive and pay the credit card fees associated with each transaction. But cut down on what the oil refineries make per gallon and we’ll see some savings.

Oil companies reportedly make $0.99/gallon reportedly make $0.99/gallon in PROFIT! This is up 3x what it was back in 2004 when gas was under $2.00/gallon. They keep brainwashing us to believe that the costs are being driven up by higher global demand (partially true) and political tensions.

How do you think that the oil companies had record profits Q4 2005? Maybe the fact they’re making 3x what they used to on each gallon sold. They saw the global demand go up with Katrina and gas shortages and took full advantage of the situation and the American people. Unfortunately at that time we were duped into believing their propoganda and kept paying, proving to them that things would not change and we would continue the same lifestyle, going to the same places, and paying whatever they decide to charge us for gas.

Do you think it was an accident that Exxon Mobil’s Chairman got the largest retirement package in history? No. They should be investigated just like Enron and he should be put in prison for ripping off the American people!

Gas War Annoyances

I’m getting really tired of the people that think a “Gas war” is going to stop the rising cost of gas. I’m tired of getting forwards about it; so tired I’ve actually set up a rule in Outlook to delete any message with “gas war” in the subject or body. If the email isn’t about striking and not buying gas on one day, its about not buying it from the biggest companies. Neither of these work, they never have and they never will. Continue reading Gas War Annoyances

Hotmail Passwords

I signed into hotmail the other day to change my password and came across some interesting screens. The first screen was pretty silly and didn’t make much sense. It asked me to add an alternate address incase I forgot my password. This makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is the “Forgot your password?” link on the page.

hotmail password screen

The second page was where I changed my password. This shows some interesting changes in Microsoft’s attempt to secure things. It told me how strong my password was, told me how to create a strong, memorable password and also allowed me to implement a 72 day password expiration. Way to go!

hotmail password screen

AT&T is spying on you

According to the latest article on, AT&T is seeking to hide the spy documents stolen from them by an ex-employee. The documents pertain to a room in a San Fransisco switching station that houses data mining equipment made by Narus and run by the NSA. Unfortunately Narus isn’t doing AT&T any favors since they mention them in the #1 spot on their customer page.

at&t Inc. is one of the world’s largest telecommunications holding companies and is the largest in the United States. They are recognized as the leading worldwide provider of IP-based communications services to business and as the leading U.S. provider of high-speed DSL Internet. NarusInsight is deployed across at&t’s backbone network, and is integral to their ability to manage and secure their traffic.

You can read more on the class-action suit against AT&T on the EFF’s website.