Gigabit Routers are Crazy Fast!

I’ve finally made the transition to my new routers at home. I don’t have anything wireless N yet, but I bought two new Linksys WRT600N’s just for the Gigabit switches built in. I wanted the speed for when I transfer large files, and since all my laptops have Gigabit NICs I can just plug in for a few minutes if I need to transfer something. The main reason for this is that my office is upstairs and my server is located in the basement where it’s nice and cool.

I’ve been a DD-WRT fan for many years, and had been a hardcore user of the Linksys WRT54G (and later WRT54GL after Linksys cut the memory in the WRT54G). I’ve had my eyes on the new N routers, especially one with a Gigabit switch and finally pulled the trigger the other month. I’m running a v24 pre SP2 build (svn 10431 to be precise) and it seems to be working fine. I have my main router set up to handle DHCP and the second router forwards request to the main one. Wireless is set up on both so no matter where I am in the house I have coverage.

I also set up a second BSSID, or virtual wireless access point to allow visitors internet access. The SSID doesn’t broadcast, but it’s open for up to 5 users if you know the name. It’s cut off from the rest of my network for security. I just got tired of dealing with people visiting and having them connect directly to my network and having to give them credentials to connect. Not cool. This was a feature of DD-WRT v24, if your router supported it. Cliff Pennock has an awesome tutorial on how to set this up.

I’m quite content now that I have everything working as expected and my network is blazing fast. Now I can get back to working on my Xen server and building virtual machines!

Back to Reality

I know there are a few people that still subscribe to my feed, so please don’t have a heart attract now that something actually appeared in your feed reader. I’m starting to get back to my online life, one I had for years and one that I so abruptly left three years ago. There will be more to come soon, so please, stay tuned!