Linode Hacked? Who can fill in the missing details?

I’m seeing mixed information online that Linode may have been hacked. The biggest collection of comments seems to be on the hacker news post. There are quite a few there saying they got new credit cards recently or have had suspicious charges.

I got a letter from my bank last early last month telling me I’d have a new card by March 25th. I got a new credit card by that date as well as a separate mailing for a PIN reset. The mailing from my bank did not mention which merchant triggered the card replacement.

I didn’t get the email from Linode until after I had a new card, which leads me to wonder if they’re related or merely a poorly timed coincidence.  This post leads me to believe that it happened only 2 weeks ago, which is funny because I actually updated my Linode account to the new card a few days after the 1st. If it did in fact happen 2 weeks ago they would have had my old credit card number that was on file and already canceled by my bank.

Since Linode seems to be short on details at the moment I was hoping to aggregate some info regarding who’s a customer and was sent new cards from their bank recently. I haven’t noticed anything suspicious on my statements like some others noted.

Unfortunately there’s not a lot of clarity on what’s going on and Linode has been quiet since their email on Friday. I’d venture to say it’s a mix of truth and lies at this point.

This comment highlights the fact of how incompetent Linode staff would have to be. To me it’s a bit far fetched.

These guys are looking totally incompetent at this point.

If you believe this Ryan guy, credit cards stored on the same server as the key to decrypt them, Lish passwords stored in plain text, they’ve known for some time and lied about what actually happened and now they’re saying “we won’t do anything about it” via email?

“You are of course free to take any steps you deem prudent or necessary to ensure the integrity of your online presence.”


Edit: not to mention they “made a deal” with the hacker not to tell anyone? What the hell?

Body Scans. Who’s The Real Terrorist?

Months ago, Big Brother was touting their body scanners and showing us images like this:

Body Scan Image

And this:

Body Scanner Image

Now, after a PR nightmare, and public backlash over the devices (scanner or else… [pat down]) DHS releases this photo:

Body Scanner Image

DHS tells us its this blurry. They say the face is blanked out. They expect us to believe this picture is real.

On an image of that quality, would could you really find a weapon? I don’t think so. But they expect us to believe them.

TSA wants to force you through these scanners. If you refuse, you are subject to a public, humiliating full body pat down. Personally, I don’t want anybody (else) grabbing my balls. This “do what we say or else” mentality is getting out of control.

By definition, the word “terrorism” means:

the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

By that definition, I believe the TSA and DHS just qualified themselves of terrorists. Who do we send in to round them up?

Vista SP2 is Safest OS?

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner proclaimed

Vista today, post-Service Pack 2, which is now in the marketplace, is the safest, most reliable OS we’ve ever built. It’s also the most secure OS on the planet, including Linux and open source and Apple Leopard. It’s the safest and most secure OS on the planet today.

Sounds like a bunch of marketing hype. I’ll believe it when an indepent study or two verifies that information.