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Early snow at Laurel Summit and Phillipsburg

With all the global warming and climate change debate going on, I find this paragraph from the NWS State College office this morning somewhat of interest. (Text has been cleaned up for readability but otherwise unchanged). Source

.Near term /until 6 pm this evening/…

0.7 inches of snowfall has been reported by the co-op observer at Laurel Summit this morning…. with an accumulation of 1.2 inches at Philipsburg. This marks the earliest date in the cool season that measurable snow has been recorded at these sites. Co-operative weather observations have been taken at both Laurel Summit and Philipsburg since April and December of 1997 respectively. Both KJST (Johnstown-Cambria County Airport) and KBFD (Bradford Regional Airport) have been snowing since 10-11z (6-7am EST)… with the snow falling heavy at times at KJST around 12z (8am EST). Temps at 34°F mean little accumulation in most places… but Mesonet observations showed some of the ridge top locations at 30-32°F around daybreak.

Regional web cams show a coating of snow even on roadways coating with snow at elevations above 1700 feet… such as Route 22 from Gallitzin through Ebensburg… to Chickory Mountain… where much of this road stretch is between 1800-2200 feet.

Missing the Rain

Last week I tweeted a few times because it kept raining day after day. Today, when a heavy line of storms moved through the area, we didn’t get a drop. I watched the radar loop and as the storm moved East/South-East, a line opened up parallel to the direction of movement. It was like a “dry channel” of air that sat over top of us. The storm just “split” before it got to us and then merged once it was past.

Its not the first time this has happened. Its happened plenty of times before during summer thunderstorms. I’m not sure if there’s some geographical formation that’s causing storms to “split” around us or what. Maybe its just my close proximity to Three Mile Island…

No Snow

Photo by charlottedallot
Photo by charlottedallot

I’ve decided I’m going to stop relying to the weather forecast for snow. We’ve had two storms in the past week that “showed up late” (almost 12 hours in both cases) and then amounted to nothing. We were supposed to get snow earlier this week and we got ice, sleet, and freezing rain instead. Today we were supposed to get about 6″ of snow. Now that it’s all said and done, we have a dusting, with an icy crust on top. You’d think with all the fancy computers and predicting technology we have now, they could at least be a little more accurate with what they spew out on the news.