(Lost)L0phtCrack LC5

We were doing another project in my security class which required me to get a copy of LC5, a password cracking utility. The L0phtCrack project was taken over by @stake a couple years back and you could buy it, or test the trial version.

The problem being, when it was offered as a trial, it had to be downloaded from @stake. Any and all links pointed to their server to download it. About 6 months ago, Symantec took over @stake and they decided to change things around a bit, they stopped offering the 14 day trial.

So here I am, looking and looking for a copy of LC5. I must have spent an hour and a half searching the net for a copy. All I could find was cracks upon cracks but no setup file. I found a .torrent file, but it had no seeders.

Finally right before I was about to give up I got smart, this is when the most ingenious ideas pop into your head; I searched for the executable name on google. Low and behold halfway down the search page, in the midst of links to other pages linking back to the non-existent file on @stake’s server, somebody had a directory of files which had the LC5 trial setup. I downloaded it, installed it, and continued with my project. I now plan on burning it to a few cd’s and distrubuting it on a few of my servers so I will hopefully always have a place to download it from should I ever need it.

I can’t believe I wasted that much time because some stupid corporation decided to stop offering trials of its software that cost $600+! Nevermind, yes I can, and thats another reason I don’t use Symantec products!

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  1. Awesome information dude! I am having the same exact problem! I needed LC5 for a class and they said it was free but it isnt anymore! This site saved me hours! Thanks a mil! lata

  2. Haha, I was also looking for LC5 but was unable to find it anywhere but Lo and behold searched for “lc5setup.exe” on my best friend Google and *POW*!!! there she blew.

    Along with loads and loads of sites that what shareing it. Good thinking !

  3. Yeah, whenever your looking for a specific .mp3, .exe, et cetera, just google the filename, and you’ll find it, without all that garbage for cracks, and paying for it, and forums with people crying because they can’t find it anywhere.

  4. Thanks, same B.S as others,then found this site,im doing a class also,thanks to people like you that share this stuff.

  5. Quote:
    Krakosch Says:

    May 31st, 2005 at 2:05 pm
    Try this one:
    http://www dot experiment-i dot net/~bencxr/lc5setup dot exe
    Symantec sucks.

    Thanks man that really worked!

  6. hey thanks a million for the link…y isnt my network adaptor being recognised. ?!?
    it says unknown…?! although mu network card is installed properly….
    other packet sniffer softwares working alrite…ne help guys !?

  7. OMG that was sweet! thanks so much i practically gave up, now the admin will get a nice kick in the arse while i get a sweet extra credit grade mwahahaha college admins shouldnt treat us like dirt >:)…yay now i wont fail ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks again that was a sweet tip!!!

  8. when i tried to use the program it gave me some passwords but said i need to register for the rest. is there a way to get all the passwords without registering.

  9. I think SYMANTEC is big f******* corporation. I will for them a try to hack their server. F**** them all. They screwed a very good product so they have to pay for it. animalhacker

  10. Sweet worked first go… Having same problem… I cant believe symantec took over l0phtcrack, what a waste of a fantastic program…

    Thanks mate..

  11. I was looking for an update to my LC% and got this response
    Symantec Corporation has discontinued its L0phtCrack (LC) product line and will no longer provide product code updates, upgrades, enhancements or fixes to this product line.

    Key dates in this process are listed below.

    Last Date to Order LC5: February 28, 2006

    Last Ship Date: March 3, 2006

    Customer Help Until Date: December 16, 2006
    So what replaces LC%

  12. hi to all

    LC5 is working great but it says im not the Administrator…

    Is there any way of becoming the administrator or do i need another version, im looking to do EVERYTHING with this program


  13. Hey, anyone knows how to sniff NT Challenge/Response packet among 2003 machines? Don’t think LC5 sniffer works since Microsoft introduced NTLMv2…

  14. hey ryan. ive been running LC4 for years and have never had a problem. Its really sweet for doing admin audits and such on big corperate sites. Only problem is sometimes the managers can get testy if their password is cracked too from their instructions. Love your work here, keep it up!


  15. If you haven’t heard, old news:

    “Symantec is now refusing to sell LC5 (the Windows password cracking tool, previously from @stake) to anyone outside of the USA and Canada, claiming new Homeland Security laws. Symantec declined to field questions on the rationale for its policy and whether it applies to other products.” From the article: “Symantec’s restrictions recall the dark days of the crypto wars when users outside the US were not entitled to buy products featuring strong ciphers. These rules, relaxed by the Clinton administration and following a long running campaign by cryptography experts and net activists, are once again rearing their head. Symantec’s response to our reader (below) suggests the policy was imposed on it by the US government.”

    Explains why LC5 not on symatic webpage
    Larry Kelsey writes: (Symantec Corporation has discontinued)

    –Hold the largest dictionary file for LC5: 53 million, 804,305 words.–

  16. Dozer Said,

    July 25, 2006 @ 7:55 pm

    Does LC5 work on XP? My studies only show it works up to 2000. Thanks. I am also studying security.


    รขโ‚ฌโ€œHold the largest dictionary file for LC5: 53 million, 804,305 words.รขโ‚ฌโ€œ An’t shitting you!

  17. hi

    i am also doin a project on a lc5 look alike s/w that uses distributed computing to distribute the task of bruteforcing among multiple clients.
    if anybode else is on the same lines do letme know , we can help each other out.

    i have written a vc++ exe that can steal the hashes from ur system and write them to aan external file

  18. this comment may be a little late but i have a copy of lc5. it works perfectly without any problems. if any one still need it, let me know and i’ll see what i can do.

  19. Thanks heaps for the info i heard about the program through a Kevin Mitnick book tried to hunt it down but have had no luck till i stumbled across your useful website. Thanks Heaps
    And again Symantec Suck ass

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