WordPress 2.0 -> 1.5

Thanks to masquerade, I was able to downgrade from 2.0 back to 1.5. After running 2.0 for a few days on my production site and getting extremely annoyed at the shitty post screen and various bugs that were not fixed, I have refused to run swiss cheese software on my site.

I’m not too impressed with the “push it out the door” while still committing bug fixes on the same day. The downloads haven’t be there like when 1.5 was released, but maybe that was because it was never announced. Why was that? Or maybe it was because all the troubles with the wordpress.org upgrade and the 404’s in the forums. The new posts have stayed the same partially because nobody has upgraded and partially because when they try and post, they get a 404 error 90% of the time. Some things are just not thought out well.

Here’s what another user said on the mailing list:

WordPress is a great product and the new version looks great. But what bothers me is the rush of releasing the version 2.0.

But here is some of my thoughts as I compare wordpress with Gallery in terms of releases and problems with new version.

1. The Alpha phase was for a long time and then suddenly came beta and RC. And the so called final stable came much quicker. It looked like someone had rushed to deliver the same.

2. Same rules applied to wordpress.org site where lots of links were broken as soon as it got upgraded.

3. With so many changes the in the “trunk” now the 2.0.1 or 2.1 or 3.0 is not very far. May be we can slow down the public stable version release process a bit. So majority of new comers and not so techies or people with out SVN access can have a glitch free operation for a longer time where they do not have to update/upgrade so soon when they find something is broken.

-Best Regards

If you’re not happy with 2.0 you can try and use masquerade’s downgrader. Oh, and feel free to let Matt know how you feel.

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  2. I recently upgraded to WordPress v2.0 and encountered a small problem with the generation of my pages’ permalinks, but that was solved by incorporating the latest changesets from the WordPress Trac. So, if you ever do feel like upgrading, just add the new files starting from changeset #3364 (and at least up to #3391) before uploading, and you should be fine.

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